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Welcome to the Japan Wiki!

This wiki is a source of information about Japan for foreign visitors. I'm slowly expanding it as I have time.


Toukaisou Asakusa Ryoukan Toukaisou My favourite hotel in Japan Getting to Japan Travel an immigration information Taxis Taxis work a little differently to other countries

Useful information

Medicine What you can buy and where to get it Phones Thinking of taking your mobile with you? Electricity Japan uses 100v, a little bit unusual

Shopping and money

Money Japanese money, credit cards, travel cards etc. Shops Shopping is always fun, but Japanese shops are a little different to western ones Electronics shops A list of electronics shops

Japanese culture

Japanese Language A little introduction to the language and how to get by Karaoke Singing is a popular pass time in Japan Masks You will often see Japanese people wearing face masks Restaurants Japan has some of the best food in the world! NHK The Japanese national TV broadcaster