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Welcome to the Japan Wiki!

This wiki is a source of information about Japan for foreign visitors. I'm slowly expanding it as I have time.


Asakusa Ryoukan Toukaisou - My favourite hotel in Japan
Getting to Japan - Travel an immigration information
Taxis - Taxis work a little differently to other countries

Useful information

Medicine - What you can buy and where to get it
Phones - Thinking of taking your mobile with you?
Electricity - Japan uses 100v, a little bit unusual

Shopping and money

Money - Japanese money, credit cards, travel cards etc.
Shops - Shopping is always fun, but Japanese shops are a little different to western ones
Electronics Shops - A list of electronics shops

Japanese culture

Japanese Language - A little introduction to the language and how to get by
Karaoke - Singing is a popular pass time in Japan
Masks - You will often see Japanese people wearing face masks
Restaurants - Japan has some of the best food in the world!
NHK - The Japanese national TV broadcaster